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A graphics community.

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Asian Graphics Community
♔ xloliconsx 「graphics community」
「 INSIGHT: ♚ 」
Hello and Welcome~!
You've stumble upon a graphics community by: douknow, chiqun, and melonsmash. This community focus on the Asian Industry. You will mostly see J-Rock, J-Pop, K-Pop, J-Actors or Actresses stash. The post includes various graphics like icons, profile banners, fo banners, headers and the like. You may [watch] this community for further updates. (That would take awhile though.) ^_^!!!

「 RULES: ♚ 」
For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. You must adhere with the following all the time.
1. Crediting is a must. *note to self*
2. Commenting is highly appreciated.
3. Textless icons are NOT bases. Don't edit.
4. Don't you ever HOTLINK. ITS TEH EVIL.
4. Please enjoy what we share thanks. :D

「 CREDITS: ♚ 」
resources -> 01, 02
Please check out the tags for easy access. [here]
If you would like to affiliate with us, (which would be great) please drop a line [here]. ~♥


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